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who i am


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ack in 2001 during the dot-com boom I was one of those guys in the start-ups where we had Herman Miller chairs, pool tables in our cool offices and everything you could possibly need to push the envelope of this new creative medium we called “web design”.

It was the Wild West, we figured it out as we went and I was involved in as many successes and naturally a few failures and used those experiences to grow and improve.

We all know how quickly the web evolves and I am just as driven to stay ahead of that curve today as I was back in 2001.

My clients are a select portfolio of highly successful investment firms, international entertainment industry all-stars and some very hip small and medium businesses making their mark…


what i do

project management75%

creative direction100%

strategic partnering60%

brand development30%

custom wordpress implimentation60%

ongoing support80%


project management

My approach to the structure and organization that every project needs is very successful. Simply put, I use Basecamp as the home base of every project because it allows all team members to collaborate and track progress without worrying about any information or feedback getting lost in the shuffle.


creative direction

Giving every aspect of a business, from a business card to a website, a unique but connected aesthetic comes from successful creative direction. When something you look at feels cohesive and visually connected, boom!–you have creative direction at its best.


strategic partnering

I always say I never want to be the smartest person in the room because then I don’t learn anything. I have access to amazing talent and the industry pros I work with always bring that something extra to a project that really makes it succeed.


brand development

Most people think “logo” when thinking brand development. Your logo is obviously crazy important, but if you want to have the next Nike swoosh, you are really talking about brand development. That means thinking about the message behind your logo and defining how, where, and when it will be used to improve your visibility.


custom wordpress implementation

Although there are now some quality do-it-yourself website services available, we all know how “do-it-yourself” projects often go. As easy as the professionals make it seem, you inevitably need a hand. I can easily handle the tasks that might slow you down, while also adding a layer of polish. I will “build” your site using these tools at a fraction of the time and cost of a more traditional project, all while making your site the absolute best it can be.


ongoing support

There isn’t anybody out there (myself included) who manages a legitimate website and doesn’t need some assistance from time to time. Connect with me anytime and I can help you out of a jam, manage updates and upgrades on your site, and basically lend a hand when you need to get something done and it doesn’t make sense for you to handle it in-house.